Putting the 'Care' Back in Healthcare

We’re  unlocking capital tied up in administrative tasks and freeing providers to focus on the mission.


We're Changing the Game

Zero is an alternative to traditional outsourced consulting, we leverage technology to help customers reach a fully autonomous revenue cycle.

Zero takes responsibility for portion or all of a provider’s revenue cycle
Transform patient and hospital team member experience through automation and process re-engineering
RCM costs decrease significantly and yield improves
Zero and our customers share in the value created
Transformation achieves a fully autonomous revenue cycle

Helping Providers
Focus on Patient Care

Create workforce capacity to focus on patients and practice at top of their license

Create margin by freeing up investment dollars to fund your hospital's core mission

Best-in-class capabilities materially change cost to collect and improve yield

Our Technology

Process Automation

Our platform performs repetitive tasks that waste valuable human capacity and we do it with higher-quality.

Built for Healthcare

Built to streamline healthcare revenue cycle operations, Zero’s technology knows the industry-specific regulations and healthcare nuances.

Machine Learning

While observing the process and identifying the best possible path to resolution, Zero’s technology teaches itself better ways of working.

The Autonomous Revenue Cycle

Zero is the transformation engine through which patient, provider and payor interactions will be streamlined and healthcare administration functions (Finance, HR, Supply Chain) will be optimized. Many consulting firms focus on niche processes or targeted issues, but Zero’s approach is a holistic solution to the disconnected revenue cycle. We take customers on the journey to a fully autonomous revenue cycle thereby permanently transforming their financial health.


Zero's Making Moves

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